Contract to Closing

    The process of taking a signed purchase contract through to closing involves great details, deliveries, and document submissions. We coordinate all of this for our sellers making sure that all phases of the closing process move along smoothly.


    • Title – We work closely with the title company and attorneys to ensure all documents and deliveries are processed in a timely manner.
    • Inspections, Survey & Appraisal – Our job is to coordinate access for inspectors and the appraiser and to accept deliveries of reports as well as any objections or correction requirements from the buyers.
    • Repair Negotiations – If the buyer submits requirements for corrective actions to items on reports, we work with our sellers to determine the cost of those requirements and the appropriate response necessary to keep the deal going in a way beneficial to our seller clients.
    • Lender Document Coordination – One of the leading causes of delayed closings is problems with funding due to last minute lender requirements or other document demands. We’re going to be involved in the buyer’s process to protect you.