The Beautiful Homes of Beverly Hills

    Beverly Hills homes are in the exclusive 90210 zip code; This is one of the most famous and recognized cities in the world. The city of Beverly Hills was created all the way back in 1906. This area lies within Los Angeles and is bordered on the East by West Hollywood. In the North is Studio City, and Bel Air in the West. There is a whole area outside of the Beverly Hills city limits that are named Beverly Hills Post Office. This area has the same 90210 mailing address as the rest of the homes within the city limits. This may seem like a little insignificant fact when it’s presented to the ordinary person, but those who know about real estate know what it means and how important it is.

    This small difference could be what makes a home thousands of dollars more than the one across the street. Home prices jump up dramatically once they are within the city limits. The Beverly Hills area is like something from the spreads in Architectural Digest; This is because you can find so many styles all in one block. From French colonial to Mediterranean estates, to mid-century modern and high tech architectural homes. All this by just driving down the street seems like a treat to anyone who enjoys seeing beautiful homes. This is also a city that offers the best in the dining and shopping department; It is home to some of the best entertainment spots in the world.

    You will also have the privilege of living next door to celebrities and famous athletes when you get a home in this area. There are also plenty of developers who have built homes in gated communities or sell empty lots for the owners to make the houses they want.

    You can always change the interior of a home or do some renovation if you are not too happy with the results of the previous owner’s work. Apartments in this area can differ significantly in price. This depends on the location of the lot, the size of it and other features. It is however, rare to find homes going for less than $1,000,000. Large estates are located towards the hills where there is more room for development. You can get a luxury condominium anywhere in the city if you are looking for a vacation home. These also prove to be handy for those who do not want to deal with the hustle of maintaining larger residences. If you are looking to call Beverly Hills your new home, the team at Golden Palm Properties will provide you with an excellent service.

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