Los Angeles Luxury Homes

Los Angeles Luxury Homes

For those seeking an elevated level of opulence and exclusivity, look no further than Golden Palm Properties. Golden Palm Properties are the leading real estate brokers throughout Southern California. We provide elite brokerage services for those in search of Los Angeles luxury homes and investment properties.

 We cater to both national and international buyers and sellers. Our dedication to privacy and discretion has garnered us an impeccable reputation in the luxury real estate industry.

Golden Palm Properties goes above and beyond to ensure that the sale or purchase of your next luxury property in Los Angeles is a pleasurable one, while also making it financially beneficial. 

Our brokerage firm is unique and unlike any other. What sets us above the rest is our innovative approach to high-end real estate. Instead of being limited to just one real estate agent, Golden Palm Properties provides our clients with a complete brokerage team that covers every aspect of the purchase or sale of Los Angeles luxury homes. We utilize the talents of our real estate professionals, attorneys and marketing experts to deliver the very best brokerage services in Southern California.


Elite Brokerage Services in Los Angeles

Golden Palm Properties possesses an unwavering dedication to confidentiality, which out clients appreciate. At Golden Palm Properties we realize that discretion is key in the Los Angeles luxury real estate market.

Los Angeles Luxury HomesMany real estate brokers in Los Angeles, including Golden Palm Properties, market themselves as “full service real estate brokers”. What does that mean exactly? Technically it means that the broker offers services in all the major facets of the real estate buying and selling industry, including listing agency, buyer’s agency and leasing.

“Full service” can also mean that the broker offers both commercial and residential agency representation. The professional commitment of a Los Angeles real estate brokerage is to ensure that a seller and buyer are brought together in an agreement that provides each with a fair and equitable transaction.

What we do at Golden Palm Properties is exactly that, but we take it a few steps further. We utilize the expertise of a superior group of real estate professionals, attorneys and marketing experts to deliver the very best brokerage services in Los Angeles. Our continued success relies heavily on our ability to work as a team and develop a unified strategy that is tailor-made for each individual client. We have found that assembling a team of real estate professionals to focus on a project has more benefits than relying on a single broker to promote the purchase or sale of luxury homes in Los Angeles.

Once you become our client, Golden Palm Properties will make sure that you have absolutely nothing to worry about and will accommodate your every need with the utmost care and professionalism. 

Los Angeles Luxury Homes and Investment Properties

Golden Palm Properties is the luminary for marketing the sale of the most distinguished Los Angeles luxury homes and investment properties. Our company is designed to effectuate the needs of Los Angeles luxury home buyers, sellers and real estate investors. We specialize in providing our clients with superior service and an unmatched level of confidentiality. 

Edward Ehsan is the founder of Golden Palm Properties and has over 25 successful years of experience in the field of real estate with his first real estate company starting in 1989. Since then he has formed over a dozen real estate and medical entities obtaining tremendous success as well as a great reputation throughout Southern California. Golden Palm Properties encourages you to peruse our website to better understand our capabilities, accomplishments and incomparable work ethic.

You can rest assured that your Los Angeles luxury home, investment property or land is in the most capable hands with our brokerage team. 

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Why Choose Golden Palm Properties

Southern California luxury real estate is what we know best. Mainly because we live and invest here ourselves. We are the region’s leading luxury brokerage firm due to our refined expertise in exchanges, passive investment properties like apartment complexes, shopping centers, office buildings and investment cash flow strategies.

Our company has created  a new and more aggressive way of buying and selling Los Angeles Luxury Homes. We put an entire team together for each individual client to achieve their real estate goals. This is an important point to think about when considering buying or selling any kind of luxury property in Los Angeles.

We strongly believe this kind of collaboration is needed and that is what sets us apart from others. Each team member has an incentive in the productivity of our company. The main motivation behind the formation of our company wasn’t just to make money. Instead, it has been our desire to provide outstanding service to buyers and sellers of luxury real estate and investment properties in Los Angeles.

  • Los Angeles Luxury Homes Privacy – We are whole-heartedly committed to fulfilling your needs with the highest level of professionalism, expertise and confidentiality. We take the time to explain every step of the transaction to our clients. Your satisfaction is the foundation from which a solid business relationship is built. People do business with individuals they trust and we strive to establish a long-term relationship built on such trust. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and staying current with changes in the industry that will affect the success of your transaction. Since most of our business comes from referrals from past customers we want you to be completely satisfied at the close of the transaction, as we value and appreciate your referrals as well.
  • Lasting Relationships – We forge long-term client relationships by listening to your situation and crafting a unique, personalized solution that expertly couples sound investment counseling and high quality real estate brokerage services.
  • Professional Portfolio & Investment Consulting – We specialize in clients with significant tax concerns and liabilities, new clients whose current investments are not well-aligned with their investment goals, and clients who just need to rethink and realign their investment portfolio. We work with clients to develop a strategic investment plan with clear goals and achievement timelines. Once the plan is in place, we help identify investments offering strong, dependable cash flow on a long term basis. We support our clients every step of the way.




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Seller’s Services | Los Angeles Luxury Homes

One service we believe to be extremely important when selling Los Angeles luxury homes is assisting our clients to objectively evaluate their home for marketability. However, we go much more into detail of the features and characteristics of your luxury home. Every buyer who sees your home will be comparing it to the competition in your area and price range. How your home compares is critical to how soon you sell it and at what price.

Interior Features & Characteristics – While the number of bedrooms and baths are not something you’ll be changing to compete better with other homes, you do need to objectively compare them in order to end up with a listing price that will get your property sold. Some things we can consider for improvements while other things just need to be assessed in order to determine how your home Luxury Properties LAcompares to other homes in the neighborhood. Many Los Angeles luxury homes are perfect as they are therefore may not even need modification.

  • Features/Characteristics
  • Finish material
  • Interior style and trimmings
  • Floors & walls coverings amenities
  • Kitchen features
  • Room sizes
  • Recreational features

Our Golden Palm Properties team members are honest with you about things that buyers will see and consider in their evaluation. We are here to make sure that your home enters the market in the very best competitive position possible. A thorough and objective evaluation is a very important step.

Minor repairs can also make a major difference. Many buyers of Los Angeles luxury homes assume that a need for minor repairs indicates a general lack of fundamental maintenance over time. They’ll discount their offer, if they make one, thinking they’ll have a lot of work to do to bring the home to a good condition. 

Exterior Features & Characteristics -That “curb appeal” thing really does possess value. When a prospective buyer first drives up in front of your home they’re going to get an important first impression. We assist you in looking at things like landscaping, exterior paint and condition. This is an area in which Luxury Homes LAsmall expenditures can yield big results. It’s a fact that some buyers will ask to leave without ever stepping across the threshold if they get a bad curb appeal impression.

  • Features such as view, pool, tennis court, etc.
  • Finish material
  • Exterior style and trimmings
  • Privacy
  • Landscape
  • Recreational features
  • Condition

                          Los Angeles Luxury Home Buyer’s Services

Homes are bought and sold more than 85% through local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Our real estate market is no exception. The cooperative efforts that go into maintaining an extensive and highly detailed database of property information are a service our local MLS is happy to provide. Use it to your advantage. Just click on our “Search Home” tab and fill in your specifications. You will have all the data that is up to the minute accurate. We spend time with our Los Angeles luxury home buyers to understand their specific needs and desires, then strive to surpass their expectations in every aspect.

Luxury Properties Los AngelesGetting the best financing – Finding the right home for you is our primary goal, but enjoying it with a lower payment and better mortgage terms is a very important secondary goal. We have researched and worked with many mortgage brokers and direct lenders and we will be glad to assist our buyers in locating the right lender for their specific needs.

Price Negotiations – We love helping buyers find the perfect property but we love even more the ways in which we can help them buy it at the very best price with the very best terms. Sometimes negotiations aren’t all price. A great contract can involve other seller concessions that create the right deal for our clients.

There are no limits on what we are willing to put into each and every client, we will do everything possible to get you the results you are looking for. Just click on our Buyers or Sellers tabs to learn more about our superior real estate strategies.