Finding the right property for you is our primary goal, but enjoying it with better mortgage terms is a very important secondary goal. We have researched and worked with many mortgage brokers and direct lenders and we will be glad to assist our buyers in locating the right lender for their specific needs.
  • The Self–Employed Borrower

Since the mortgage and housing crisis that began in 2007, it’s become a grueling process for a business owner or self–employed person to get a mortgage. Documentation of income and expenses is much more detailed and we are up–to–date on all of it. We will steer you toward multiple sources for great mortgages for the self–employed.

  • Financial Disclosure and Deal-To-Closing Considerations

Especially after the mortgage and lending problems that began in 2007, lenders and their underwriters are scrutinizing financial, income and expense information much more closely than ever before. Be prepared to dig out a lot of documentation and it’s best to be forthcoming with any financial information that impacts your ability to pay the mortgage payment. Even if it’s not asked for early in the process, also be prepared for questions and requests for documents throughout the process.